IDF IRELAND/TEAGASC Satellite Symposium

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Crowne Plaza Hotel Northwood Demense

Future Dairy Industry Laboratory Analytical Needs

This Satellite Symposium, co-hosted by IDF Ireland and Teagasc – the Irish Agriculture & Food Development Authority, is taking place in association with the International Dairy Federation & International Standards Organisation IDF/ISO Analytical Week 2018 being held in Dublin in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Northwood Demense, during 23-27 April 2018.

An objective of the symposium is to take stock of the evolving demands on dairy laboratories and analysts faced with ensuring product and process conformity to both local and international regulation, business to business (B2B) specifications and business to consumer (B2C) expectations.

The increasing degree to which this analytical burden is being shared between internal and third party external laboratories requires vigilance regarding the use of up to date standards and proficiency with which analyses are undertaken.

Adherence to sustainability programmes puts a spotlight on the provenance of material inputs, and in particular, the measurement of contaminants and processing artefacts usually requiring the use of sophisticated advanced analytical instrumentation – hence, a reliance on centralised laboratories with the capacity to invest and operate such equipment.

The Satellite Symposium, therefore, brings together all stakeholders (regulatory authority, national standards, third party analytical laboratories, analytical equipment manufacturers and nutritional food formulators) to share knowledge on such developments and emphasise the need for collaboration via the IDF / ISO platform and its interrelationships with other agencies such as AOAC in order to support global trade in dairy products and ingredients.

The Satellite Symposium takes place on Tuesday afternoon 24th April (13:30 – 18:00). This will be followed by the Exhibitors Showcase oral presentations and reception (Open to all attendees).

If you are interested in attending the satellite symposium you may also wish to attend the main Analytical Week symposium taking place on the following day (Wednesday 25th April) as well as the Technical Tour to the Department of Agriculture Laboratories at Backweston.

There is no charge to attend the Satellite Symposium but we do ask you to confirm your attendance to Shelia Morgan, email:

Attendance on Wednesday at the IDF/ISO AW is €135.00 to include the Scientific Symposium, coffee breaks, lunch and coach to/from Backweston Laboratories. Click here to register.

IDF IRELAND/TEAGASC Satellite Symposium

13:30 Introduction by Moderator – Micheál Cosgrove, Glanbia, IE
13:40 Scene Setting – Steve Holroyd, Fonterra, NZ
14:10 From Farm to Fork: Analytical Solutions for Ensuring and Improving Milk Quality – Daniel Schwarz, FOSS
14:40 The role of National and International Standards – Anne Marie Crowley , NSAI
15:10 External Analysis Laboratory Services – Harrie van den Bijgaart, QLIP
15:40 BREAK
16:00 A new holistic model for the multiplex analysis and optimal valorization of milk and dairy products composition – Pierre Broutin, Bentley Instruments
16:25 Recent developments in analytical techniques for micronutrients and contaminants – Andrew Brotherhood, Agilent Technologies
16:50 Meeting Regulatory Requirements – Eoin O’Brien, DAFM
17:15 A perspective on the analytical demands of the Dairy Ingredient supply chain to markets for nutritional products Tom Seipelt, Abbott Nutrition
17:40 Roundtable discussion and Q&A – moderator Micheál Cosgrove, Glanbia, IE
18:00 Finish

Who should attend: dairy industry personnel concerned with product and process quality analyses. Ingredient marketing executives providing technical support to business customers. External laboratories providing analyses to dairies. Food processors and formulators sourcing dairy ingredients. Analytical instrument manufacturers, including those developing rapid diagnostics and sensors. Academics and other researchers engaged in analytical method development. The symposium will be of particular value to new professional entrants wishing to gain a rapid overview.