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Agilent is a global leader in providing analytical solutions to monitor and ensure food safety and quality. Leveraging more than 50 years of expertise, we create complete solutions that provide trusted answers to our customers’ most critical questions. We are passionate about helping them solve their most ambitious scientific challenges, increase laboratory performance, and advance the quality of life.

AiM GmbH – The specialists in inhibitor testing

Inhibitor free milk? For sure! AiM GmbH – The specialists in inhibitor testing AiM GmbH has over 40 years of experience in producing inhibitor test systems. The consistent high product quality that we and the customers demand is guaranteed by an efficient quality assurance system – certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001. Close cooperation with acknowledged research institutes ensures constant control, optimization and further improvements of the products and the production processes. Our client base consists of national and international BRT users and comprises various control laboratories, dairies and farmers. For us, the focus is on our customers‘ needs.

Since its founding in 1982, our company has been active exclusively in the dairy industry, producing and distributing innovative, high-performance,  fully standardized solutions for the rapid and highly reliable chemical and microbiological composition of milk and dairy products (standardized IR spectra, fat, protein, casein, lactose, total solids, SNF, citric acid, pH, FPD, FFA, SCC, lactoferrin, Blood BHB, Fatty Acids Profile, ashes, minerals, Milk Amyloid A, total bacteria +++ ).  As an American family business, Bentley Instruments has always been committed to the high quality standards of its products and the satisfaction of its multifaceted Central Milk Testing & Dairy Plants laboratories partners.  We can also now provide full laboratory automation solutions through a partnership with Intellitech with a range of robots to completely automate and standardize milk samples preparation for our Combi and BactoCount bacteria counters (and alternative solutions) but also for sorting and aliquoting samples automatically.

Bentley Instruments – Innovative analytical solutions for the dairy industry!


Bioeasy is a high-tech enterprise engaged in food safety, clinical diagnosis, public safety and other fields. We specialize in milk safety and as a global leading supplier of the milk antibiotic residues rapid test, we have the widest range of test kits available and different detection limits or new test kit can be customized according to local market demand. Validated by ILVO, CECALAIT(France),MPI(New Zealand),PIWET(Poland), also the only one company in China that rapid test kit approved by China AQSIQ. Protect your milk safety is our dedication!

Science. Partnership. Safety.

Bio-Rad Food Science provides quality solutions for food safety testing with solid science built on strong partnerships  that help food industries continuously improve the quality of their products. Bio-Rad is the worldwide leader of pathogens testing with automated real-time PCR solution.

We have a complete offer to help infant milk powder manufacturers and more globally dairy company to detect microbiological contaminants such as Salmonella, Listeria, Cronobacter, Enterobacteriacae, Bacillus cereus by PCR method or chromogenic media solution.

Bruker Optics

For over 40 years, Bruker Optics has supplied advanced FT-IR, FT-NIR and Raman technology to customers worldwide. Our spectrometers are totally integrated into the whole process of product development, production and quality control inside the food and especially the dairy industry. Bruker Optics offers pre-calibrated analyzers for solid and liquid dairy products including raw milk and viscous products, measuring for protein, moisture, fat and lactose content as well as other parameters using only one instrument.

Charm Sciences is a world leader in food safety diagnostics. Charm’s portfolio provides tests and systems for antibiotics, end product microbial assessment, and ATP-hygiene. Extended product shelf-life is achieve with Charm’s exceptional sanitation program that integrates real-time ATP monitoring with environmental verification using microbial indicator tests. Charm introduces the NEW Charm® Peel Plate® Peel Plate Microbial Tests with Colony Counter for re-invented microbial detection. Rely on Charm to protect your brand.

Our company began manufacturing disposable, flip-top sampling vials for laboratory testing in the 1980s.
Making a transport vial that is aseptic by process of manufacture, easy to open and close, airtight, and most importantly, leak-proof, continues to be the foundation of our product offerings.
Since 2000, CSP Technologies, Inc. has been manufacturing a complete product line of CSP Dairy™ flip-top vials for the global dairy industry.
We work with customers to deliver a total solution. Our vials are designed to be fully integrated into our customers’ dairy laboratory operations.

Serving the government and people of Ireland by leading, developing and regulating the agri-food sector, protecting public health and optimising social, economic and environmental benefits. In support of this mission DAFM Laboratories are an integral part of the Department, providing scientific support and expertise in the areas of animal health, food and feed safety, plant health, seed testing and environmental monitoring.

Dufay is the leading provider of expert laboratory support, sample management and specialist courier services to the Dairy industry in Ireland. Since 1992, our highly trained team of logistics and customer services personnel have delivered time sensitive, temperature-controlled sample transportation and tailored service packages on a 24/7/365 basis. We have developed a unique expertise in sample handling.

Our success is due to our excellent customer service, affordability and resolute focus on meeting the complex needs of our Dairy industry clients. Throughout our history, we have collaborated with them to deliver financial, productivity and quality benefits. The considerable insight we have gained has shaped our service offering and partnership approach.

FOSS is the world’s leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector. Working in partnership with the dairy industry, FOSS keeps you ahead of the game with new analysis options for improved business opportunities. For instance, FOSS analytical solutions have proven significant for raw milk testing, milk standardisation in dairy production and verification of end-product quality.

FOSS has 1400 employees at development and manufacturing sites in Denmark and China and 28 sales and service companies worldwide. www.fossanalytics.com

Gerhardt develops and builds cost-effective systems for method-compliant analysis of the parameters fat content and protein content in milk and dairy products.

Gerhardt develops and builds cost-effective systems for method-compliant analysis of the parameters fat content and protein content in milk and dairy products.

Hettich Benelux is a leading distributor and manufacturer of laboratory equipment for the medical, bioprocess, chemical, pharmaceutical and food/dairy market.

Hettich Benelux is a leading distributor and manufacturer of laboratory equipment for the medical, bioprocess, chemical, pharmaceutical and food/dairy market. For the dairy market we manufacture MoPlants, fermentation baths, climate cabinets and oil baths. The MoPlant is a complete validated product for the determination of both butter fat and total solids in milk and dairy products according to the Mojonnier process (Röse-Gottlieb and Schmidt-Bondzynski). The fermentation baths are used for the conversion of milk sugar into lactic acid during the production of yoghurt. Determination of the heat stability of skim milk powder is a possible with our oil baths. Since we engineer and produce laboratory equipment ourselves, we are able to adjust the equipment to your applications. www.hettichbenelux.com

Livestock and poultry producers, laboratories, veterinarians and dairy processors depend on IDEXX diagnostic technologies to make confident decisions about animal health, disease management and reproductive efficiency, and to ensure consumers have access to safe, healthy food and milk. Reproducibility, reliability and accuracy are three of the reasons why more than 1 billion IDEXX tests—including dairy residue tests and milk-based diagnostics—have been run worldwide since 1985.

Megazyme is a global leader in analytical reagents, enzymes and assay kits, including our LOLAC kit which offers an advanced process for measuring trace lactose in low-lactose or lactose-free products. Our novel test methods and analysis sets have been developed by scientists for scientists, and we are the sole worldwide producer for a number of industry-standard products. We offer best-in-class service and support, including technical advice straight from our researchers and expedited worldwide delivery.


3M offers a comprehensive range of food safety solutions that help food and beverage industries continuously improve the quality of their products.  At every step, 3M provides easy-to-use, accurate, and reliable testing solutions that help mitigate risk, prevent food waste and most importantly, protect consumers. Solutions include convenient indicator testing with the 3MTM PetrifilmTM Count Plate range, advanced pathogen detection, rapid hygiene management and allergen control, end product screening of UHT and ESL beverages, sample handling and supply chain product temperature monitoring.

Milkotronic Ltd. is а leading manufacturer of ultrasonic milk analyzers. Since 1997 we’ve been supplying the Dairy Industry with innovative, high-end measuring instruments under the brand LACTOSCAN. We designed a unique somatic cell counter LACTOSCAN SCC based on image cytometry and analytical software. Our aim has always been to cover the highest standards and to create the future of dairy analysis. www.lactoscan.com

Perten Instruments/Delta Instruments offer the widest range of analyzers for the dairy industry – from milk analysis, through the production process, to your finished products. The performance of our instruments match or exceed the industry standards. All our milk and dairy analyzers comply with internationally recognized standards like IDF, ISO and ICAR. Delta Instruments is also member of Fepale. You can rely on our experience and expertise which comes from more than 30 years in the industry and thousands of instruments sold worldwide.

ProGnosis Biotech SA is an innovative Biotechnology Company, specializing in producing in vitro diagnostics for the food quality sector. The company is highly focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing point of care diagnostics such as lateral flow, immunoblot, PCR and ELISA assays. Core activities are ELISA kits and Lateral-flow Sticks tracing Mycotoxins in milk, food and feed, as well as Adulteration in milk. We design our process in order our products to be reliable, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Q-Interline develop and manufacture analytical solutions for optimized process and product quality, based on the latest technology of infrared spectroscopy, patented sample solutions designed to fit customer needs and own developed user-friendly software.

We are working globally in the dairy-, food-, feed-, bio-fuels and agricultural industry as well as related research institutions.

We deliver value through insight

Qlip has a long history as a partner in the dairy chain. Qlip is actively involved with the milk- and dairy production, from the farm phase of the milk to the assurance of quality and food safety in the dairy industry and trade. Through her activities, Qlip supports companies in the dairy chain to secure and strengthen their leading market positions in national and international markets.

With her wide range of analyses and certification, her extensive network, expertise and years of experience, Qlip remains unchallenged as the market leader in quality assurance and food safety in the Dutch dairy chain.

Randox Food Diagnostics

Randox Food Diagnostics offer remarkable tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones and drugs of abuse in animals and produce. Offering superb limits of detection and simple sample preparations, Randox Food Diagnostics has an extensive and expanding range consisting of 38 ELISAs and 16 multiplex screening platforms. Our comprehensive range and trusted screening solutions are intertwined with continually improving the standards of global food safety.

RAUDSZUS Electronic GmbH is a German company planning, designing and installing laboratory automation systems for the milk industry.  Nowadays, the importance to identify products or assemblies in areas of production, assembly and logistics gets bigger and bigger.

Furthermore, customers would like to have more and more a gapless traceability for their products through the complete manufacturing process, which should be faultless and cost effective.

This concept behind the lab automation should allow that a sample is sent to an Analyser Island with the biggest possible efficiency and optimal use on workforce and equipment.

Teagasc – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority – is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities in Ireland.  The primary function of Teagasc is to support science-based innovation in the Agri-food sector and the broader bio-economy.   This is achieved through the close coupling of research and knowledge transfer in four programme areas: (i) Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation (ii) Crops, Environment and Land Use (iii) Food (iv) Rural Economy and Development. Teagasc is the host for the IDF Ireland secretariat.

Unisensor is the pioneer in diagnostic engineering applied to the agri-food and veterinary sectors. For 20 years, Unisensor has been developing rapid testing solutions for food safety. We have built a strong expertise in the detection of contaminants by means of a unique multiplexing approach. Through a worldwide expansion, Unisensor has become a major player in the development of advanced technologies to better serve the food industry and to protect the consumers.


ZEULAB is a global supplier of analytical solutions for food safety and food quality applications. With over 20 years of experience developing and  manufacturing test kits, we offer a wide range of products for milk species identification, antibiotics residues, toxins and allergens detection.

e-Reader, our latest development  in antibiotics detection, is a step forward in antibiotics screening. e-Reader works with microbial tests (Eclipse or Explorer) detecting more than 30 substances in a single assay. Performing the assay automatically e-Reader  provides the best assay performance, standardized and objective results.